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Last year Todd Smith renovated my mother’s home on Bogue Sound. It was an older home and in great need of repair and updating. Todd was wonderful. He and his talented team quickly got to work. They carefully removed every piece of furniture in the house and all the accessories. The cabinets were covered with plastic and the blinds were taken down. The house was empty. It was sad to see it in this state, but exciting to know that this home we cherish was going to be restored. A few months later the work was complete. Deep Bay has new tile flooring, smooth ceilings, new light fixtures and cans, and new paint. The bathrooms have new countertops and fixtures, and new flooring. My favorite room is the kitchen. Granite countertops, new appliances, new fixtures, and refinished cabinets all add to the updated look! It is beautiful! The whole process was easy and fun. Todd helped me with decisions and was always patient when I would change my mind! Todd and his men did an outstanding job on the home. It truly was a pleasure working with them. My whole family is thrilled over the results. Deep Bay is, once again, a very special place! Five Stars for Smith Custom Homes, Inc! -Elizabeth Raymond We have nothing but the highest praise for Todd Smith and Smith Custom Homes. During the construction of our recently completed 5,000+ sq. ft. home on the inter-coastal waterway in Swansboro, N.C., we were living in Hawaii. We would have never undertaken this project if we did not have complete confidence in Todd Smith’s integrity and workmanship. He kept us abreast of the project’s progress through telephone calls and internet photos. His construction workers were consistently reliable, never missed a day of work and kept the construction site immaculate. Todd met his milestones on time and provided us with monthly copies of all expenditure receipts. He was open to employing new concepts such as insulated concrete forms and geothermal heating and cooling. His craftsmanship and attention to detail were outstanding. Todd’s easy going personality made him a pleasure to work with. He is a man of his word and quick to follow through on his promises. The local banker who handled our construction loan was shocked that we gave Todd a large advance to initiate our project and informed us that he would closely monitor the construction. At the final walk through, the banker stated how impressed he was by the quality of the workmanship he had observed. The bank is now recommending Smith Custom Homes to their clients. Smith Custom Homes recently completed a house for a friend who thanked us profusely for introducing him to Todd. If you select Smith Custom Homes, you can be confident that you will have an exceptionally well built home with a minimum of construction headaches. They are the yardstick by which others should be measured!
-Tom and Sue Burkhard of Swansboro, NC

Tom and Sue Burkhard of Swansboro, NC,

Dear Todd,
Thank you for building our dream home. During the bidding phase you presented factual, detailed estimates with options. There were several changes during construction - some we requested and some you suggested - all of which enhanced the final outcome. Each time there was a realistic price estimate, often with offsetting options, which kept the final cost within reach while increasing light, maximizing views and adding closet space. On numerous occasions we discussed alternate building ideas, some of which quite frankly you originally did not prefer. In each case you researched the issue, presented options and we came to a mutual decision which resulted in the best outcome. Some specific examples include foam insulation, tongue and groove pine porch decking and a tank less water heater. Everything about the project went very smoothly from start to finish resulting in a beautiful, comfortable house we are proud to call home. During construction we lived in the Washington DC area, a 7 hour drive, limiting site visits to about once a month during construction. You did an amazing job of helping us anticipate decisions so we never felt rushed, thus allowing construction to remain on schedule. This involved many emails, our phone calls to you at all hours and our trips to various suppliers in the DC area to look at samples, but it all worked well. We were amazed and excited to see the photos you took and posted on line at each step in the building process. You always patiently answered all of our questions and took the time to explain not only what you were doing, but why it was important to the construction. Each of your subcontractors was excellent, both professionally and personally. They did quality, timely work and modified a few things on the spot to achieve a better result. All were extremely proud of their craft. The telling thing to us is that when you were not around each one was extremely complimentary of you and Nate. They all truly enjoyed working for you knowing you were demanding, honest and fair. We know this excellent working relationship contributed to the excellent final product. Finally, you understood very clearly that building a custom home in a quiet neighborhood would be disruptive. Each day the construction site was neat and tidy. Noise is inevitable, but was kept to a minimum. This was appreciated by all. Todd, we both have nothing but admiration for you, Nate and your entire team. We look forward to remaining your friend a neighbor for a long, long time.

-Very sincerely,

Tom and Marilynn Cullison,