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About Us

About Smith Custom Homes

Smith Custom Homes is an Unlimited Licensed General Contractor, custom home building and custom renovations company. We believe in specialty building, creating quality homes that are as unique as their owners. Smith Custom Homes has been building in the Carteret and Onslow county areas for nearly 10 years. If you are looking for an experienced custom home builder, your journey stops here!

Todd Smith, owner and Unlimited Licensed General Contractor of Smith Custom Homes in Swansboro, North Carolina, believes in not only building quality homes, but also building quality relationships with his clients. Being involved in every step of the project from start to finish ensures that all Smith Custom Homes’ clients are 110% satisfied.

We enjoy building sound side or waterfront custom homes, renovating a family room to be more unique to the family or even bringing a backyard to life with a new outdoor kitchen. Our specialty building options are limitless.

Benefits of working with Smith Custom Homes:

  • 1-5 upper bracket homes a year means he is personally hands on with all
  • All projects are built in a transparent/open book basis
  • Budgets are locked in before construction begins
  • Fee is a % of total project cost listed as a line item in the budget

If you are interested in learning more about how Smith Custom Homes can help you in building your dream home along the Crystal Coast or if you are interested in a custom renovation, please contact us today!


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